How can I delete the Excire Foto database?

How can I delete the Excire Foto database?

To delete the Excire Foto standard database, follow these steps:
Navigate to the Excire Foto application data directory. You can find this under "%APPDATA%\Excire Foto" (Windows 10) or under "/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/excire-foto" (macOS)

There you will find the following files and directories, which you can delete:
  1. 1to1.exfoto
  2. previews.exfoto
  3. thumbnails.exfoto
  4. excire_foto.local.db
  5. excire_foto.local.db-shm (if available)
  6. excire_foto.local.db-wal (if available)
  7. backend.db
  8. backend.db-shm (if available)
  9. backend.db-wal (if available)
The next time Excire Foto is started, it will create a new, empty database.

If you can't find the folder in MacOS Finder, please press CMD+Shift+. (dot) to show hidden directories.
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